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Friday, September 16, 2016

Samsung J700F/DD J710FN FRP Unlock Done 100000% Tested No Need to Downgrade

Samsung J700F/DD FRP Unlock Done 100000% Tested No Need to Downgrade
Samsung J710FN FRP Reset Done No Need Firmware
Samsung J700F/J710FN Root FILE No Need

Samsung Latest Build J700F/DD FRP Unlock Done

(Build Number)

1.Insert Working SIM Card and Power On Your Phone ID &Pass Asking Mode.

2.Download and Install Terminal Software

3.Check Port In Device Manager

4.Open Realterm Terminal Software,and Tick Half Duplex In Display Tab

5.Select Port Number And Click Open In Port Tab

6.Enter the AT Command In 1st Box " at+creg?\r\n " and click An ASCII in send Tab,You can See OK If success.

7.Enter The AT Command in 1st Box " atd123456789;\r\n "and click An ASCII in send Tab,(replace 123456789 = Calling Number,Not Inserted Number),if Success automatically Going Call From Your Phone.

8.Ater Call Connect,Attend The call And Slide To Side and Open Browser,and Download and continue Quick ShortCut app watch the video For after Getting Browser
Need Any Support 
Md.Kamrul Hasan Rubel

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